CHI 2007 Advance Program: Session Details

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Large Displays (Papers)

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM


An Exploratory Study of Input Configuration and Group Process in a Negotiation Task Using a Large Display

Jeremy Birnholtz
Tovi Grossman
Clarissa Mak
Ravin Balakrishnan

Explores differences in group process and competitive behavior for groups using a shared large display with shared vs. individual input devices. Results inform design of large display interfaces.


The Effect of Using a Large Display that Exceeds Visual Acuity for Scaling up Information Visualizations

Beth Yost
Yonca Haciahmetoglu
Chris North

Presents a study on the usefulness of displays that exceed visual acuity for scaling up information visualizations. Encourages designers to take advantage of larger displays for visualization.


Setting and the Evaluation of Visualization Systems

Derek Reilly
Kori Inkpen

We present a comparative evaluation examining the impact of experimental setting on the effectiveness of two visualization techniques. The results indicate that setting must be considered when evaluating visualizations.