CHI 2007 Advance Program: Session Details

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Photo Sharing (Papers)

4:30 PM - 6:00 PM


Give and Take: A Study of Consumer Photo-Sharing Culture and Practice

Andrew Miller
Keith Edwards

Describes one of the first examinations of the community of practice around, especially in contrast to traditional consumer photographers. Provides design implications for meeting needs of consumer photographers.


Over-Exposed? Privacy Patterns and Considerations in Online and Mobile Photo Sharing

Shane Ahern
Dean Eckles
Nathan Good
Simon King
Rahul Nair
Mor Naaman

Qualitative and quantitative study of privacy decisions in mobile and online photo sharing, using previously unavailable, context-rich data. We provide a taxonomy of privacy considerations, and implications for content-sharing systems.


EasyAlbum: An Interactive Photo Annotation System

Jingyu Cui
Yuandong Tian
Fang Wen
Rong Xiao
Xiao-ou Tang

We propose a novel interactive UI for semi-automatic photo annotation. The key contributions are: "cluster annotation", "contextual re-ranking" and "ad hoc annotation".