CHI 2007 Advance Program: Session Details

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Mobile Applications (Papers)

4:30 PM - 6:00 PM


Designing a Mobile User Interface for Automated Species Identification

Sean White
Dominic Marino
Steven Feiner

Our contribution focuses on design research and user interface techniques for mobile devices relevant to automated vision-based identification in the field.


BrickRoad: A Light-weight Tool for Spontaneous Design of Location-enhanced Applications

Alan Liu
Yang Li

BrickRoad supports the spontaneous design of location-enhanced applications using the wizard to simulate both location and application logic. We believe this tool will lower the threshold for prototyping location-enhanced applications.


Psychophysical Elements of Wearability

Lucy Dunne
Barry Smyth

Explores the psychological and physiological components of wearability, the human-device interface of wearable technology. Helps designers to understand the way in which worn technologies become part of the body schema.


The Tilt Cursor: Enhancing Stimulus-Response Compatibility by Providing 3D Orientation Cue of Pen

Feng Tian
Xiang Ao
Hongan Wang
Vidya Setlur
Guozhong Dai

Describes a new cursor for enhancing stimulus-response compatibility of touchpad, that dynamically reshapes itself to providing 3D orientation cue of pen. The cursor can significantly reduce response latencies in drawing.


How younger and older adults master the usage of hyperlinks in small screen devices

Martina Ziefle
Thomas Michel
Judith Strenk
Ulrik Schroeder

This research introduces a software tool for analyzing navigation paths. The outcomes contribute to the understanding how older adults interact with small-screen-devices and which difficulties they experience when using hyperlinks.