CHI 2007 Advance Program: Session Details

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Expert/Novice (Papers)

4:30 PM - 6:00 PM


Sharing A Single Expert Among Multiple Partners

Jeffrey Wong
Jiazhi Ou
Lui Min Oh
Carolyn P. Rosé
Jie Yang
Susan R. Fussell

Preliminary laboratory study exploring how an expert helps two novices simultaneously on physical tasks. Provides design implications and an algorithm for predicting attention shifts in a mediated system.


Dynamic Detection of Novice vs. Skilled Use Without a Task Model

Amy Hurst
Scott E. Hudson
Jennifer Mankoff

Describes machine learning based techniques to automatically detect expertise from low-level pointing interactions using statistical models with 91% accuracy, and explores how to dynamically adapt the interface with this knowledge.


Approaches to Web Search and Navigation for Older Computer Novices

Anna Dickinson
Michael Smith
John Arnott
Alan Newell

Development and evaluation of proof-of-concept web search and navigation system for older novice computer users. Supports older, inexperienced users in initial encounters with web; offers possible approaches for interface researchers.