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CHI 2007 is offering a variety of workshops for the first two days of the conference (28-29 April, 2007). Workshops are a chance for members of a community with common interests to meet in the context of a focused discussion.

FAQ and Late-Breaking Information

Please see the following page for the workshops FAQ and any late breaking information: external link

Accepted workshop participants will be required to register for the workshop (estimated to be US$150 for a one day workshop and US$225 for a two day workshop) and for at least one day of the CHI conference.

Only those who have had position papers accepted can attend workshops. If you are an accepted workshop participant ask the workshop organizers for a registration code.

All workshops start at 09:00 on the specified day(s), and will end approximately at 18:00 (6:00PM).

Workshops Program

Workshop Title / Website Date(s) Location
W1. Culture and Collaborative Technology 28-29 A2
W2. Exploring Design as a Research Activity 28-29 A1
W3. Tangible User Interfaces in Context and Theory 28 A8
W4. Security User Studies: Methodologies and Best Practices 28 A3
W5. User Centered Design and International Development 28 A6
W6. HCI and New Media Arts: Methodology and Evaluation 28 C2
W8. Supporting Design Studio Culture in HCI 28 C4
W10. Mobile Spatial Interaction 28 A1
W7. Imaging The City: Exploring the Practices and Technologies of Representing the Urban Environment in HCI 29 A8
W9. Striking a c[h]ord: Vocal Interaction in Assistive Technologies, Games, and More 29 A7
W11. Supple Interfaces: Designing and evaluating for richer human connections and experiences 29 A6
W12. Increasing the impact of usability work in software development 29 C3
W13. Supporting non-professional users in the new media landscape 29 C4
W14. Exertion Interfaces 29 San Jose Ballroom I
W15. Exploratory Search and HCI 29 San Jose Ballroom II
W16. Shared Encounters 29 San Jose Ballroom V
W17. Beyond Current User Research: Designing Methods for New Users, Technologies, and Design Processes 29 San Jose Ballroom VI
W18. Converging on a Science of Design through the Synthesis of Design Methodologies 29 Guadalupe Room


Questions about a specific workshop should be sent directly to the workshop's organizer.

Questions about the overall workshops program or workshops in general should be sent to the workshops co-chairs at

Workshops Co-Chairs:

Margaret Burnett, Oregon State University
JJ Cadiz, Microsoft Research, USA

Contact us (if you have questions about workshops in general - for questions regarding a specific workshop, contact that workshop's organizers):