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Alan Blackwell, Cambridge University Computer Laboratory
Scooter Morris, University of California, San Francisco

Message from Alan and Scooter

Scooter Morris Alan Blackwell

The CHI2007 Engineering Community provides venues that allow us to get an inside view of cutting-edge systems, especially those relevant to the real contexts and problems of our professional work. It also provides venues for the discussion and presentation of tools and techniques that will help us build and analyze next generation technologies and new system architectures.

We would like to invite proposals for conference sessions that meet these aims. They could be case studies with real technical detail, or opportunities for hands-on experimentation. We want to provide opportunities for attendees to get their hands dirty, and to see under the hood! We particularly invite focused tutorials, problem surgery sessions, and tool demos that come from the people that create and build the technology. If this is a community you can speak to, or you always wished CHI had more material like this, please make proposals as imaginative as you like. If you're not sure exactly how your proposal would fit into CHI, let us know anyway, and we'll try to change CHI so that it does fit in.

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Engineering is a discipline that spans a broad range of activities, from fundamental applications of science and mathematics, to techniques for the design and manufacture of complex products, and the development of methodologies and practices that can ensure reproducible results. The HCI engineering community is equally broad. It includes the developers of interactive software systems, and human factors engineers defining scientific foundations and design guidelines. It also includes researchers who articulate engineering methodologies and practices so that complex systems can reliably be developed to meet customer needs while delivering a high quality user experience. The engineering community is a diverse g roup, but we all share an interest in the process as well as the product — both the how and the what.

Types of Submissions

Contemporary Trends and Experiences

Experience Reports

This submission type is oriented toward work that is of timely and broad interest and that is likely to provoke, intrigue and inspire the CHI audience.

To submit stories and demos, consider the following categories:

To submit topics for dialogue and deliberation, consider the following categories:

To submit ideas for topics that others may wish to learn more about, use the following category:

Please note that the copyright for entries of this submission type remains with the author. Therefore, entrants are free to use material as they like, including professional portfolios and submitting a paper based on the work to other conferences or journals.

The Computer/Human Interaction Archive


This submission type is oriented toward documenting work that makes a lasting and significant contribution to our knowledge and understanding of human-computer interaction.

To submit scholarly work for archival publication, please consider the following categories:

Novel Events and Activities

In this submission type, we welcome proposals for novel events and activities that might serve the goals of the Engineering Community; we will attempt to work with submitters to shape these proposals into activities that will advance exchange and enlightenment within communities. Please send suggestions directly to the to the chairs at